Solar Made Simple

Solar power 101
Shifting to solar is easier and more cost-effective than you think. Pacific Solax offers you some of the smartest and most adaptable solar solutions on the market. Our friendly experts can help you determine the perfect one for your home.

The sun produces enough energy for us all, if only we could capture it. Using solar panels on the roof of your home soaks up the sun’s rays, converting them into electricity. You don’t need to be paying massive power bills, and you’re helping the planet by lowering emissions.
I’m Ready

Faster Start Up

Faster start-up
Our advanced converters start up faster and can generate up to two hours more electricity each day.

Ripple Controlled

Our unique ripple control device helps you manage your electricity, so there’s always enough to go around.

Grid Expansion

Grid expansion
Our intelligent inverter easily grows with your family’s needs, so you’re covered no matter what.

Made To Last

Made to last
Our long-life components are durable and reliable, and come with a 25-year service warranty for your peace of mind.